The largest contributor

to climate deterioration

on the East End is

East Hampton Airport.

Of the 30,000 flights each year by
all types of aircraft 
many carry few passengers.

On one leg of a roundtrip flight there are often no passengers. Such flights are known in the industry as "empty legs". They are very costly to the environment. 

The skies were largely silent during the early weeks of the pandemic in 2020, but within a few months, charter operators were profiting handsomely as people opted to fly privately, many for the first time. At year's end, total flights in 2020 were only 15 percent fewer than in 2019.


The aviation industry was the recipient of very generous handouts from the first pandemic relief package (Trump Administration) and has again benefited from the recent relief package (Biden Administration). 

Flights to date in 2021 show all types of aircraft operations through April 2021 are up 61% over 2020 and are also up from pre-pandemic 2019.  

The largest one-year-increase 2020-2021 is in jets, to date the increase is 175%.  (Source: Airport management, EH)

Alarming forecasts for private aviation in the future indicate that the traffic to date is only the tip of the iceberg.

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