How to place

aircraft noise complaints

Complaints are essential to our struggle.

Without noise or safety complaints, airport

proponents will continue disinformation campaigns, claiming only a few households complain.  

Heading 1

To the Town of East Hampton:

Tel:      1-800-376-4817  



You should receive an acknowledgement for each complaint.

A subscription is required to file noise complaints, but it is easy to use--if you purchase the button at a small fee. You will receive an acknowledgement of your complaint. 

Please make sure the aircraft is headed to or from KHTO before pressing complaint.

This non-profit site tracks aircraft in our area and accepts noise complaints. It can be downloaded to mobile devices; instructions are provided on site.

Air Noise Report is operated independently, free of charge to the community or Towns, and is not controlled by groups with aviation interests.

It does, however, often experience technical glitches.

We monitor flight tracking sites but these sites do not accept noise complaints. Experiment to find the one that works best for you. The closer you are located to KHTO,  the lower you should set the altitude filter to block flights unlikely to be traveling to/from KHTO.  

Air Noise can be used to track flights in our area as well as to file complaints. It has the cleanest graphic, and icons of aircraft approaching or departing KHTO are very clear. Other sites show more aircraft, over a wider area, many at far higher altitude, which are not flying to/from East Hampton.

Tracks flights, does not accept noise complaints.

Tracks flights, does not accept noise complaints.

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)

Noise Ombudsman (202) 267-3521, leave voicemail or


These messages can be efficiently distributed to the appropriate subject matter experts to address your concern. (FAA: Sep 30, 2020).

The FAA link explains how to report complaints.  However, is is unlikely they will respond to noise complaints. The FAA does take note of dangerous flying. However, you are unlikely ever to learn if action was taken against a pilot for dangerous flying.

Our experience has been that the FAA remains consistently unresponsive to concerns from residents.  

Who to call

about dangerous flying

One of the most irresponsible statements we've read this year was a social media post by a leader of the local pilots association, suggesting residents contact her to report incidents or concerns about dangerous flights over Sag Harbor.

The competence and authority for action 

lies with the Town of East Hampton,

not the pilots association. 


Be safe, not sorry. 

If you witness what appears to be dangerous flying, or at very low altitude over homes, or aircraft approaching on the same path at similar altitude, or other concern about aircraft in the area, the person to contact locally is James Brundige, East Hampton Airport Manager,  631-537-1130 x 5. 

 Every KHTO flight is a

noise and air pollution event

impacting thousands of people.