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There are compelling economic, environmental and health related reasons for closing the airport immediately.

--Income derived from airport-occupied land goes directly to a dedicated airport fund and cannot be used for anything other than airport maintenence and administration.  


--The vast majority of aviaiton income benefits out-of-state commuter charter and air taxi operators.

--Only a handful of local businesses benefit from airport operations and the majority of thier operations are seasonal, providing very few full-time jobs year round.

The Town's general budget, as well as all residents of the Town of East Hampton, would greatly benefit from reasonable social and environmentally-friendly uses of the 628 acres currently occupied by the noisy, polluting East Hampton Airport.  

Over the coming months we will be examining alternative uses of the 628 acres of land, and proposing ways in which the comercially-zoned land can produce more income per acre with businesses which employ more year round workers, as well as seasonal and part time workers.
















East Hampton Airport has little activity duing most of the year. A wasted resource in a community clamoring for commercially-zoned space.

Dangers to our health and the environment 

Airplane exhaust contains a variety of air pollutants, including sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Many of these particles of pollution are tiny, smaller even than the width of a human hair.


Scientists tell us it is the especially small particulate matter that is the main culprit in human health effects, especially since the particulates can become wedged deep in the lung and possibly enter the bloodstream. 

Of particular concern is avgas, the fuel used in propeller planes, which contains lead. Lead is toxic to all life, and is particularly dangerous to children under five years of age. Lead was removed from automobile fuel  in the 1970s but is still widely used in aviation fuel in the U.S. today, although cleaner alternative fuels are available. Both fixed base operators at JPX sell Avgas in addition to jet fuel.

Health Effects of Aircraft Noise

There can be health related consequences of exposure to community noise. For example, cardiovascular effects that may arise as a consequence of stress caused by noise, sleep disturbance where sleep patterns are disturbed and conscious and premature awakenings may occur, and noise related annoyance that can cause negative emotions.


Noise can also cause cognitive impairment in children, which can lead to a subsequent impairment in the quality of life.

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