Five towns, one community

working together 

can make change happen

We live in five towns on the East End,
but we are one community.
Thousands of homeowners and full-time
residents paying local taxes, supporting
local businesses year-round.

There is little that is "local" about KHTO. The airport currently serves a handful of local recreational pilots, some of whom are part-time residents or live in other towns. A handful of others operate or work in airport-related businesses.
The airport serves private travelers, most of whom are not residents. Over the past twelve months, KHTO has become a jetport, in addition to a major helicopter and seaplane hub. All types of aircraft traffic is increasing once more.

The powerfully funded National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has its lobbyists attend EH Town meetings, airport advisory committee meetings, even community meetings--such as the various hamlet Citizens Advisory Committees. 

The Airline Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) does likewise attend many Town meetings.  
The "local" aviation community reinvents itself under a new name frequently but has again hired out-of-state lobbyists to speak on its behalf.

The out-of-state and out-of-town charter operators take their profits back to their headquarters in New Jersey, CT and elsewhere. They profit from our continued torment and misery.

Non-essential air travel is a costly, environmentally-egregious travel option, a convenience for a few at great cost to residents and our environment. Wealthy families have lived here or have summered here for generations, without the need to travel here by air.  

The majority of passengers ignore the torment and carbon pollution their journeys of convenience inflict upon those living beneath their flight paths.  

Make enough noise so your
increasingly complacent representatives hear you.

Long Island has over eight million residents and represents the largest voting bloc in NY State. Politicians pay attention to and base decisions upon numbers of residents complaining about a particular issue and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
They need to hear us. 
Call your town representatives frequently, tell them you want action, this year, to halt further erosion of your quality of life. 
 - file noise complaints (see sub menu page for details)
 - send Letters to Editors of your Town newspapers  
 - fill your representative's email box with complaints
 - fill their voicemail boxes to capacity
 - demand local representatives accept data on noise complaints in your area from Air Noise Report. 
The Towns of East Hampton, Southampton and Southold accept complaint data from that source. 

Call one week, write the next.

Talk to neighbors, homeowner associations or civic groups, ask them to get involved:
 -  identify like-minded, environmentally-aware individuals 
-   form a group or contact an existing community group
 -  communicate regularly with other local groups 
 -  organize a protest (drive-by during pandemic) 
 -  share contacts/information/ideas with other communities
 -  participate in local civic or citizens advisory group meetings
 -  ask groups if you can make a presentation to members

 -  post and share information on social media

 -  donate to Say NO to KHTO to support our outreach

If the Town has the will

to do the right thing

for its residents and its neighbors,

KHTO could be closed in 2021.

Help make that happen.