A committed group of people, working together and with the same goals, can make things happen. Social media has given us the means to connect easily and faster than ever before. Let's get to it.
Almost every day in some small or large way we see or hear of positive changes occurring when people have united to fight for quality of life issues in their communities. Aircraft intrusion over our homes is one of those struggles, and it is intensifying in communities in just about every state in our nation and in other nations.
KHTO is a general aviation airport, serving a handful of local recreational pilots as well as private travelers, most of whom fly short journeys (less than 45 minutes). That is not essential travel; it is costly, environmentally-unfriendly travel, a convenience affordable to few of us. The great majority of passengers do not live in our communities and either do not think about, or perhaps do not care about, the noise and pollution their journeys cause to those living beneath their flight path. Many of these charter flights operate one leg of a round trip without passengers. The aviation industry calls those passenger-less flights "empty legs"; environmentally speaking, they are very costly. 
Long Island has over 8 million residents and represents the largest voting bloc in NY State. That's us; we've got the numbers, that's power. Politicians pay attention to and base decisions upon numbers of residents complaining about a particular issue and the squeaky wheel gets the grease.
In August 2016, the FAA extended for four more years (without any public comment period) its mandated North Shore Route (NSR) for helicopters. Noise and pollution from all aircraft (not only helicopters) traveling that route impact residents all the way from NYC to Orient  on the North Shore, and from NYC to East Hampton's noisy airport on the South Shore. Among the most badly impacted areas are hamlets on the North Fork, Shelter Island and on the eastern end of the Town of Southampton--East Hampton's closest neighbors!
Take Action Now!  Contact Your Representatives--make sure they feel the pressure. 
 -   file complaints (see next page for details)
 -   send Letters to Editors of local newspapers and Newsday 
 -   write to your elected representatives; fill their inboxes to capacity with complaints
 -   call and leave messages; fill their voicemail to capacity
 -   demand your local, county, state, and federal representatives accept data on noise complaints in your area from airnoisereport.com (to see which elected officials/town already accepting this data, go to: https://airnoisereport.com/partners).  East Hampton and Southampton and Southold are also accepting this data in 2017. 
 -  demand your elected representatives deny aviation industry attempts to criminalize public dissemination of flight tracking data and protect our right to use flight tracking sites such as Planefinder.net and airnoisereport.com 

We can do it. We don't all have to take the same action at the same time; we can take turns, one group or community after the other. Let's get rolling and get that toxic scourge that is KHTO closed just as soon as possible:
 -   identify like-minded individuals concerned about noise and air pollution
 -   form a group in your community
 -   communicate regularly with other local groups 
 -   organize a protest in your community 
 -   share contacts, information and ideas with groups in other communities
 -   participate in meetings of local civic or citizens advisory groups
 -   ask citizen's groups in your area if you can make a presentation to their members

 -   post and share information on Facebook and other social media; ask friends and  co-workers to do the same

-   donate to Say NO to KHTO to support our outreach and other efforts

Thousands of families on Long Island are impacted by East Hampton's polluting, unnecessary air taxi and commuter charter operations. An end to East Hampton's airport operations can be achieved. 
KHTO is a town-owned airport; if the town has the will to do the right thing for its residents and its neighbors, KHTO could be closed tomorrow.  

Make it happen

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