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We can make it happen
A commited group of people, working together for the same goals, can make things happen. Social media gives us the opportunity to easily connect with each other faster than ever before. 
Almost every day in some some small or large way we see or hear of positive changes occuring in communities where people have united to fight for quality of life issues in their communities. Aircraft intrusion over our homes is one of those struggles and it is occurring in communites in just about every state in the nation.
Long Island has over 8 million residents and represents the largest voting block in NY State. That's us! We have the numbers, and that's what politicians pay attention to, only numbers. We've waited long enough, the problem worsens every year; in August 2016, the FAA extended for four more years (without any public comment period) the helicopter route known as the North Shore Route (NSR). Noise and pollution from helicopters and other aircraft traveling that route impact  residents all the way from NYC to Orient on the north shore, and from NYC to East Hampton's noisy airport on the south shore.  Among the most badly impacted areas are hamlets in Southampton Town--East Hampton's closest neighbors. 
Actions you can take to make sure elected representatives feel the pressure.
--File complaints (see how on next page)
--Send Letters to Editors of local newspapers
--Write to your elected representatives; fill their inboxes to overflowing with      complaints; fill their voicemail boxes to capacity
--Write to your elected representatives asking them to accept data on noise complaints in your area from (see elected officials who are already accepting this data, go to:

--Participate in meetings of local government and Citizens Advisory Committees concerning airport noise issues


--Share our website and communications with friends, family and co worker

--Make a donation to Say NO to East Hampton Airport to support our efforts

We can do it. We don't all have to do it all the time, take turns, one community after the other. Get started:
--form a group in your community:
- identify like-minded individuals willing to organize a group
- communicate regularly with other groups
Share contacts and ideas
- share all information which may be helpful in other communities 
- share and post information on Facebook
--follow us on Twitter
- ask if you can make a presentation to a citizen's group in your area
So many of us are impacted by East Hampton's polluting and unnecessary air taxi and commuter charter operations. An end to its operations is achieveable. JPX is a town-owned airport.  If the town has the will to do so, the airport could likely be closed tomorrow.  
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