Say NO to KHTO (East Hampton Airport) is dedicated to exploring environmentally-friendly and far more equitable community use of 628 acres of Town-owned land which currently accommodates KHTO.

The environmental benefits of uses other than aviation on commercially-zoned town land are essential to protect the health, safety and well-being of the community as well as of residents across the East End and the length and breadth of Long Island.

About  Us

KHTO is the international aviation code for East Hampton Airport.  


Say NO to KHTO is based on the East End of Long Island; the founding members reside in the Towns of East Hampton and Southampton.

Our group consists of noise-affected residents from communities across the East End and those living in western Suffolk and Nassau counties, up to 100 miles from KHTO, East Hampton's noisy polluting airport. ​Many of us have been impacted by noise and toxic air pollution from KHTO for well over 20 years. Each year, more and more people are adversely affected as aviation traffic to KHTO increases, noise intensifies, and the noise and pollution

is spread around. In 2016, with restrictions and curfews in effect, 25,836 operations took place at KHTO, generating a 27% increase in noise complaints over those filed in 2015.

Thousands of Long Island residents living beneath FAA-designated flight routes on the North and South Shores, as well as residents who live close to the flight path which follows the LIRR train line from NYC to Montauk, are impacted by the KHTO-generated nerve-wracking aerial bombardment which occurs daily throughout spring and summer and well into fall. Thanksgiving weekend is regularly disrupted by air traffic at low altitudes over our homes.


The Town of East Hampton attempted to place curfews and other access restrictions but the Town's local control was overruled by the Second Circuit of Appeals in November 2016. The court ruled against local control by the Town of its airport, and against the well-being of residents of Long Island, and for unfettered access by charter operators of commuter seaplanes, helicopters, planes and jets. The airport is now under federal control. 

Since no curfews or restrictions of any kind are currently in effect at KHTO, the airport is once again open 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year; even federal holidays are ruined by air noise.  


In March 2017, the Town of East Hampton took its battle for local control of its airport to the next step, asking for a review of the case by The Supreme Court of the United States.

It is not yet known if SCOTUS will agree to hear the case; a decision is expected by late June 2017.


We've shared our concerns and the horror stories with elected representatives at federal, state, county and local levels, yet airport operations continue at an accelerated pace. The airport is under federal control and is open 24/7/365.


We have had enough. It is time to close the airport and transform the property to benefit all residents of East Hampton. 


Photo: AirNav,LLC

Aerial view KHTO, Wainscott

Our Mission

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