Town of East Hampton
Economic Impact Analysis
May, 2021

The airport is used by a small

number of people, few of whom are

year-round residents, all could

travel by less destructive means.

The Economic Impact Analysis was presented at the East Hampton Town Work Session (May 11, 2021). The Supervisor and Town board members, the consultants who prepared the analysis and the Town's outside legal counsel on airport issues responded to questions from the public. The session was livestreamed on LTV, and may be viewed on 

Key Takeaways:

 - Current airport operations and passenger spending generates $13M to $16M in economic output and 100 to 230 full-time equivalent jobs for the Town.

 - KHTO passengers' spending represents only 1 to 2% of the Town's taxable sales. 

 - KHTO's total employment impact of 100 - 230 jobs

represents 1% to 2% of all East Hampton employment

and 3% to 8% of all tourism employment. 

The net employment impact of the modified scenario represents 0.5% to 1.3% of all East Hampton employment and 2% to 5% of tourism employment. 

- Fewer than 1% of the 1.7M visitors to East Hampton use KHTO

 - Complete closure of KHTO will result in benefits that improve Town residents' quality of life, and reduce noise, ground and water pollution. Some of these benefits (access to open space, reduced noise) may have positive impacts on nearby property values. 

The Town has said that the economic analysis sets forth only initial findings and that more work on economic and other aspects of the airport will continue to be provided to the public before public discussions and final deliberations on the future of the airport can begin.

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