Town of Shelter Island 

"An emerald jewel,
set in the bracelet of turquoise waters."
Garry Gerth, former Supervisor


While Shelter Island has in recent years been spared much of the helicopter traffic that has plagued both the North and South Fork Towns, helicopters continue to fly over some areas of the Island.  

Nothing is sacred to these helicopter operators, including one of the most pristine nature retreats on the East End, the splendid Mashomack Preserve, home to wildlife and birds. Some of these helicopters pass above the preserve as low as or lower than 500 ft. shattering the silence of the area.

Low altitudes over Shelter Island Heights and Silver Beach area may give passengers a wonderful view of this beautiful Island,   but bring only torment to residents and visitors alike.  

IMG_0695 (2).PNG

When the North Shore Route was introduced in 2012, Shelter island found its tranquility shattered by helicopters transitioning over the Island from the North Fork on their flight path into KHTO, East Hampton Airport.  

With the later introduction of the ECHO departure route via Orient, the number of flights has lessened, but in an environment surrounded by water, and as serene as the Island is, the roar and rumble of helicopter blades is nothing short of abysmal abuse. 

Ask Shelter Island Supervisor Gerry Siller to protect this precious place by urging the Town of East Hampton to close their airport in September 2021. 

Gerry Siller,  Tel.: 631-749-0015


(C) P.Currie