Other organizations struggling
with noise and pollution from
private aviation operations

There are many communities
impacted by the pernicious outputs
from non-essential aviation.  

Many private helicopters operators are profiting from the misery their flights inflict upon communities the length and breadth of Long Island. These flights are especially disruptive where ambient noise is low, such as in rural areas on the East End. Many of these commuter helicopters/tourist flights depart from heliports in NJ and NYC. 

Stop The ChopNY/NJ is a community organization 
working to ban, or at least curb, the number of tourist flights over metropolitan NY/NJ communities. The group is working with us to try to ban helicopters from the three NYC helipads which are the launchpads for assault on communities from NYC to East Hampton and Montauk. 


Small general aviation airports across the country are plagued by small private planes, and airports which have flight training schools make life miserable for many communities. Most users of small airports are hobbyists, flying small piston engine planes which are fueled by avgas, toxic leaded fuel.

We support their efforts to bring change to their communities.

To see the problems faced year round by communities in Massachusetts, see their Facebook page (below link below is not live).     



In California,  the infamous Reid Hillview airport


In San Diego