The other EH airport.
KMTP, Montauk Airport
is privately-owned  

Although located in a hamlet within the
Town of East Hampton, the Town has no
jurisdiction over a privately-owned airport.

Montauk has not been impacted by KHTO, East Hampton Town Airport. Yet, a very vocal group of Montauk residents demand the Town protect them at all costs, apparently believing that it is OK to insist residents of other hamlets and people in disenfranchised communities in other Towns to continue to be tormented by all the pollution from their Town Airport. 


These Montauk folk actually heckled a town board member at a public meeting in the hamlet and cheered the representative of BLADE! No surprise that Montauk United has since become widely known as the Montauk NIMBYs.  

Montauk Airport (KMTP) is a public use general aviation airport, is privately owned and is designated in the FAA directory as a Prior Permission Required (PPR) airport. So, for helicopters and jets to land, they are required to, but many do not, request permission to land.

According to the TOEH legal Counsel,

PPR rules allow an airport to dictate who uses the airport, when that use occurs, and the extent of such use.

So the ball is and has been,

in the court of the 

Montauk owners of Montauk airport 

to enforce the PPR rules!


Some Montauk residents (Montauk United) have mounted a fearmongering campaign based on the same disinformation that the airport proponents have used to scare residents, contending that closure of KHTO may result in additional charter and commuter operations traveling to Montauk (KMTP). That appears highly unlikely for several reasons, in addition to the explanation of PPR above

  -  commuter passengers can and already do travel non-stop to Montauk on small planes, seaplanes and helicopters, directly from locations within the tri-state area and have been doing so for years;

  -  KMTP has a far shorter runway than at KHTO, limiting the size of aircraft (no large jets) that can land on the runway;

  helicopter and jet operators are asked to request prior permission to use the facility; some do, others don't bother with that courtesy;

  -  there is no passenger terminal and no public amenities;

  -  there are no aircraft maintenance services, and

  -  KMTP does not sell aviation fuel;

  -  40% of passengers arriving at KHTO do not remain in East Hampton but travel to Southampton destinations;

  -  given that most arriving at KHTO by air do so to save time, it is highly unlikely they would then want to drive west to EH which could easily take and hour or more to Sag Harbor or Bridgehampton in summer traffic. 

The Town of East Hampton's Diversion Study was intended to ascertain what, if any, impacts would fall on other airports in the area, if EH Airport operations were ended.

The study included possible impacts on Gabreski Airport in Westhampton,  Southampton Helipad on Meadow Lane and even Mattituck airport (a private airport) were considered and all left us with more questions than answers. There was a lack of dats to substantiate the possible diversions. 

AirNav states: KMTP Montauk Airport is located 3 miles NE of Montauk.

Unlike KHTO, where aircraft approach and depart over many residences in EH and other towns, the Montauk airport is not landlocked; aircraft can approach and depart over water. 

Montauk has far more reason to fear sea level rise than possible air traffic diversion, if any, from East Hampton airport.

Montauk Airport from AirNav Timothy J. Q

Photo: Timothy J. Quill, AirNav

History of Montauk Airport