The other EH airport.
KMTP, Montauk Airport
is privately-owned  

Although located in a hamlet within the
Town of East Hampton, the Town has no
jurisdiction over a privately-owned airport.

Montauk Airport (KMTP) is a privately owned, public use general aviation airport.


One group of Montauk residents contends that closure of KHTO may result in additional charter and commuter operations traveling to Montauk (KMTP). That appears unlikely for several reasons

  -  passengers already travel non-stop to Montauk on small planes, seaplanes and helicopters, directly from locations within the tri-state area;

  -  KMTP has a far shorter runway than at KHTO, limiting the size of aircraft (no large jets) that can land on the runway;

  helicopter operators must seek prior permission to use the facility;

  -  there is no passenger terminal and no amenities;

  -  there are no aircraft maintenance services, and

  -  KMTP does not sell aviation fuel;

  -  40% of passengers arriving at KHTO do not remain in East Hampton but travel to Southampton. 

The Town of East Hampton is currently conducting a Diversion Study to ascertain what the impact, if any, would be on Montauk Airport should EH Airport end operations in 2021.

The possible impact on Gabreski Airport in Westhampton will also be part of the study.  

More importantly, the private owners of Montauk Airport can, at any time, immediately lessen the burden of noisy, polluting private, charter and commuter aviation on their neighbors by simply restricting access--an action that the Town of East Hampton cannot now take at KHTO.

AirNav states: KMTP Montauk Airport is located 3 miles NE of Montauk.

Unlike KHTO, the airport is not landlocked; aircraft can approach from the water rather than flying over several miles of residences as is the case on approach and departure from KHTO.

Montauk Airport from AirNav Timothy J. Q

Photo: Timothy J. Quill, AirNav

History of Montauk Airport