What Climate Crisis?

Aircraft using KHTO generate

approximately 51.5 million lbs. of

carbon emissions annually, based

on roundtrip flights, all aircraft types,

from NYC/KHTO in 2019.

2021 BRa Airport Emissions Scan_0002.jpg

The estimate above was prepared by Barry Raebeck, and is a very conservative estimate. 


The primary economic benefit from aviation activity goes to out-of-town operators and to the single aviation fuel business at KHTO, which pumps annually nearly one million gallons of jet and leaded fuel (avgas) at KHTO. 


The fuel farm is operated by the Town which sells fuel to the single fixed-base operator (FBO) at KHTO. The Town receives $0.30 cents per gallon, as the fuel flowage fee.


The FBO sells jet A fuel to jet users, and leaded avgas to small piston plane users. Recent annual sales of both toxic fuels at KHTO have approached 900,000 gallons per year (a little less during the pandemic). 

2021 BRa Plane refueling.jpg

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During the first four months of 2021, sales of fuel at KHTO increased 138% over same period in 2020!