Town of East Hampton

Among the most impacted areas are
those in the vicinity of the airport,
in the Village of East Hampton, 

Wainscott and Northwest Woods

KHTO is located about two miles from the Village of East Hampton.  The hamlet of Wainscott is nearby, as is Northwest Woods slightly north of the airport. All three locations have been hard hit by aviation traffic in 2021. 

The Village, Northwest and parts of Wainscott have been receiving the lion's share of  air traffic over East Hampton for many years, with helicopters the most intrusive, often reckless and dangerous. This year however, a wider area in Wainscott has been bombarded by helicopters, and to the east of the Town there has been a significant increase in jet activity over Louse Point and Springs. 

No hamlet can be completely sheltered as traffic increases and aircraft fan out over broader swaths, now often circling before landing during rush hours, awaiting the opportunity to land.  

If you have not experienced the torment of aircraft thundering at low altitudes above your formerly tranquil home, under constant assault for hours at a time on certain days, from a range of jets, helicopters and small planes, it is an ear-splitting, life-changing experience. One that the local pilots and aviation industry make light of, suggesting these residents moved close to an airport and should, therefore, just suck it up.

FACT: These areas were settled long before there was a small rural airport which has since become a major helicopter and small plane hub and, alarmingly, now is also a jetport.  


As of end August 2021, jet traffic has increased 43% over same period in 2019.  

Get involved East Hampton residents, or the noise and pollution will continue to worsen. 

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