The Town of East Hampton
Climate Emergency Declaration 

In 2021, East Hampton Town Board

unanimously approved

a Climate Emergency Declaration,

following the lead of 1,903 jurisdictions

in 34 countries.  

The declaration commits the board to make climate mitigation and the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions "...a guiding principle and objective of all municipal operations, all policy and purchasing decisions, all planning and zoning decisions, [and] all aspects of town business for the foreseeable future." 

However, this year operations at KHTO to end June 2021 have substantially increased compared to the same period

1 January through 30 June in 2019.  (The 2020 fuel sales are not comparable due to substantial decrease in traffic during the early part of the Covid epidemic).


The airport manager, James Brundige, reported recently on fossil fuel sales at the Town fuel farm at KHTO, comparing sales from Jan-Jun of 2019 and 2021:  

2021   646,638 gallons

2019   473,174 gallons

It does not take a scientist to connect the dots here:

the Town fuel farm at KHTO is enabling the sale of massive and growing volumes of fossil fuels--for non-essential private flights--in a time of climate emergency.    

Read article from East Hampton Star, March 11, 2021:


Read full version of the Declaration at:

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Jet A fuel truck at KHTO